Escalating Global Changes

Our world has entered a state of chaos.
This earth can no longer support our present habits.
No longer can the resources to supply enough oil,
wood or water to sustain all of us living on this planet. 


Earth is a living being. She is alive and breathing, yet we continue to treat her with complete disrespect and irreverence. Earth can no longer filter our pollutants. She is choking to death while we continue to pour more and more toxic solvents into her body. As a race we have plundered the earth to this state of being. Not only have we mistreated and taken for granted our home and provider but we have also done the same to her inhabitants; the animals and plants.

Within the next twenty-five years there will not be enough clean water, wood or fossil fuels left to continue supplying this planet with human essentials. Billions of us will be without food, fuel or water by 2025.

The Earth has always changed: once Antarctica had a tropical climate; Nova Scotia was actually a part of Africa. There is no preventing the natural evolution of the planet. However, with our pollution we are causing global warming. And with our nuclear testing we have shifted tectonic plates. And what goes into the vast spaces left when we remove the oil from the centre of the Earth? We are escalating global changes.



We are striving to feed millions of people throughout the world. Somewhere in the world a child dies of hunger every three seconds. This is another truth that will befall us all if we choose to do nothing to regenerate our planet. Suddenly we find that bees are dying. Natures way of pollinating will be no more. We can not raise animals or farm on land that is empty and barren, land that is full of pollutants and de-mineralized beyond a usable state. Many of us cannot imagine that we will run out of food.

The price of oil has skyrocketed and the problem will not rectify itself. The basic supply and demand states that there is not enough oil and the prices will continue to grow. Twenty years ago we could not fathom running out of oil.

Another great concern is that our oceans are changing rapidly: in some places they are warming, in others they are actually freezing because of the melting polar caps. The melting polar caps are sending millions of gallons of fresh water into a salted ocean and the seas are actually desalinizing. This means the level of salt in the ocean is diminishing and that in turn means the ocean creatures and its vegetation will die with the new water composition. This is very dangerous to us all as our ocean is the lifeblood of this planet


Extreme poverty is rampant, especially in some countries.

Yet we cannot imagine in the recent financial crisis few have made money in the millions and many have lost in the trillions. People are without house and home for the greed of some. Few in power have an agenda to raise money for wars. This money sustains the economy but war will create destruction of us all and we must join in unison to insist that our war does not become a cosmic war.

Our world is full of anger and war, human against human destroying the earth and millions of humans in the name of religions and greed. The next phase for our warring planet is to take our sickened attitudes into space and bombard our atmosphere with even more pollutants. Our governments would have you believe so greatly in global threats that they would risk our planet by creating war in space.

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