Rapid Evolutionary Changes
We are here to experience these rapid evolutionary changes that are all around us in the solar system, on our planet, and even within our bodies. We conduct our lives day by day and are unable to see the vast and magnificent changes taking place. Our outward appearances remain normal. However, what is occurring is definitely not normal. For millions of years, we humans have evolved at a slow, methodical pace, till the turn of the twentieth century. A hundred years ago we were riding around on horses; communication would take months to reach remote areas. To go to the moon or travel for a holiday into outer space was a fantasy.
Why are we evolving so rapidly?
Evolution has increased rapidly.
Why now?

Mankind has acquired newer and newer information. This information has been accumulated from the beginning of civilization in Sumeria, in India 10000 years age till the turn of the centaury A.D.1900. We accumulated vast knowledge in only 50 years as we formerly had gained in 10000 years. Now, the increase in information continues at an exponential rate. It has in fact doubled. It is moving so fast that not only is knowledge that's changing, there are also changes taking place on every level of human experience, with phenomena and results. When applied to levels that we have never seen before.

The geomagnetic field of the Earth is undergoing so much change in such a short period of time that no one would have believed it could even happen, or to be able to predict it. The magnetic field has been becoming weaker over 2000 years. It dropped dramatically around 500 years ago. The magnetic lines actually began to shift about 30 years ago. By the end of the centuary, maps had to be altered all over the world.

The whale's migrate following these magnetic lines. They beach themselves for the same reason. It is disastrous for the whales for these lines to suddenly and unexpectedly turn and go inland. Birds migrate linked to the magnetic field of the Earth. The birds plight is the same as that of the whales. These creatures encounter enormous problems when they end up in areas of the Earth.

These changes are a problem for humans. The Earth's magnetic field appears to be in a flux. The North and South Poles may actually be preparing to reverse themselves. 13000 thousand years ago the poles did reverse and there were vast catastrophes. We can only conjecture about the consequences. And in the reversal period between one polar orientation and the next, it is possible that the magnetic field could cancel itself out and go, effectively, to zero. There could be immense problems ahead for us.



No one knows what a pole reversal would mean for all of us. We do know what would happen if the magnetic fields were to go to zero for longer more than fifteen days. Where there is little or no magnetic field he or she literally goes crazy. It seems that this magnetic field somehow is necessary to keep our minds in balance.

There are so many changes occurring on the Earth that no one knows what they really mean. In the last few years, there have been and still are an increase of "natural" catastrophes. Indeed they are way above normal. There are more tornadoes, more and faster hurricanes, more unusual weather, more earthquakes, more land and mud slides more of everything than ever before. There seems to be a new atmosphere around the Earth that no one has ever seen before. What is happening on our Sun today? The intensity of energy coming off the Sun is unparalleled. The sun, giver of life
directly affects what happens on Earth.

Escalating Global Changes.


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