The Bhagavad Gita


Krishna is the charioteer. Ego is your chariot, Arjuna. But Arjuna cannot fight this war. Into battle he draws your chariot and in the midst of the battlefield, he leads you but you have to listen to Krishna's words. Krishna is the charioteer. In this embodiment as charioteer, he asks you to see that your chariot is in fact being pulled by Krishna, Christ energy. This chariot that you are so attached to will break in this battle but Arjuna can save this from happening. Lead on and pierce the heart of that whom you call brother so that no more will that attachment be the chain that you have put around yourself. That is one embodiment of Krishna.

Once again, the explanation of chariot and charioteer. Our chariot is our physical embodiment, everything that we are on the physical, which means physical mind, physical body, physical emotions and also that part of physical spirit that we can experience readily. But who is actually guiding, pulling the reins? Is it the chariot that is driving itself or is it the charioteer?

In this we are asked to find out from our point of view, at this moment of now, "Is my chariot being driven or am I just allowing it to run amok?" Because when this chariot runs amok, it does not then look to see who or what is being destroyed under its wheels. If we have to stop this chariot from running amok, the charioteer has to be given not only the invitation but the permission to take over the chariot. The charioteer will not do anything. He will remain silent, seated in his place, waiting to take the reins in his hands but it is the chariot that must give him permission and invitation to move it.

The charioteer must be asked to take over the chariot completely, the place where we sit, the actual body and structure of the chariot. That is our entire life, from our thoughts, which are the framework of the chariot to the very seat, which are then the status or position that we have reached. Even that must be taken over by the charioteer.

Let the charioteer guide your thoughts because you cannot remain thoughtless. Let the charioteer guide your emotions because you cannot remain without feeling. Let the charioteer give you the permission to move because without that permission your wheels may run amok, either getting stuck into a rut and not permitting you to move anymore or they may run over and destroy another. Anger is one such wheel movement when your chariot is running without any control. You can only be a chariot in physical embodiment.

first discourse -The Despondancy 0f Arjuna

second discourse - Yogas of Sankhya
third discourse - Yoga of Action
eight discourse - The yoga of the Supreme Eternal
ninth discourse- The Yoga of the Kingly Science and Secrets
twelfth discourse -The Yoga of Devotion
thirteenth discourse - The Yoga of The Distinction
eigtheenth discourse-The Yoga of Liberation by Renunciation

first Discourse -The Despondancy 0f Arjuna



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