The Dialogue between Shri Krishna and Arjuna, the ninth discourse, entitled

The Yoga of The Kingly Science And The Kingly Secret

In the Upanishads of the BHAGAVAD-GITA,
the science of the ETERNAL, the scripture of Yoga,

The Lord said

To thee, the uncarping, verily shall I declare this profoundest Secret, wisdom
with knowledge combined, which, having known thou shall be freed from evil. 1
Kingly Science, Kingly Secret, Supreme Purifier, this; intuitional, according
to righteousness of Dharma, very easy to perform, imperishable. 2

Men without faith in this knowledge of Dharma, O Parantapa( Arjuna,
not reaching Me, return to the paths of this world of death. 3

By Me all this world is pervaded in My Unmanifested aspect;
all beings have root in Me, I am not rooted in them. 4
Nor have beings root in Me; behold My sovereign Yoga! The support of beings,
yet not rooted in beings, My SELF their efficient cause. 5
As the mighty air everywhere moving is rooted in the
ether (Akasha), so all beings rest rooted in Me-thus know thou. 6



All beings, O Kaunteya (arjuna), enter my lower nature at the end of a world-age; at the beginning of a world-age again I emanate them. 7Hidden in Nature,(Kalpa,a period of activity,of manifistation)which is Mine own, I emanate again and again all this multitude of beings, helpless, by the force of Nature. 8Nor do these works bind me, O Dhananjaya(Arjuna), enthroned on high, unattached to actions. 9 Under Me as supervisor, Nature(Prakriti) sends forth the moving and unmoving. because of this, O Kaunteya (Arjuna),the universe revolves. 10



The foolish disregard Me, when clad in human semblance,
ignorant of My supreme nature, the great Lord of beings; 11

Empty of hope, empty of deeds, empty of wisdom, senseless,
partaking of the deceitful, brutal and demoniacal nature.
(Prakrati, the dark quality, of the tamasic guna)12


Verily the Mahatmas, O Partha, partaking of My divine nature,' worship with un-wavering mind,' having known Me, the imperishable source of beings. 13Always magnifying Me, strenuous, firm in vows, prostrating themselves before Me, they worship Me with devotion, ever harmonized. 14Others also, sacrificing with the sacrifice of wisdom, worship Me as the One and the Manifest everywhere present. 15


I the oblation; I the sacrifice; I the ancestral offering; I the [fire-giving] herb;The mantra I; I also the butter; I the fire; the burnt-offering I; 16I the Father of this universe, the Mother,the Supporter, the Grandsire, the Holy One to be known, the Word of Power,' and also the Rik, Saman, and Yajus, (the Three Vedas)17The Path, Husband, Lord, Witness, Abode, Shelter, Lover, Origin, Dissolution, Foundation, Treasure-house, Seed imperishable. 18 I give heat; I held hack and send forth the rain;
immortality and also death,being and non-being' am I, Arjuna. 19


The knowoers of the three, the Somadrinkers, the purified from sin, worshipping Me with sacrifice, pray of Me the way to heaven; they, ascending to the holy world of the Ruler of the Shining Ones, eat in heaven the divine feasts of the Shining Ones. 20 They, having enjoyed the spacious heaven world, their holiness withered,The fruit of their good deeds finished ,their rewards exhausted, come back to this world of death. Following the virtues enjoined by the three, desiring desires, they obtain the transitory. 21


To those men who worship Me alone, thinking of no other,
to those ever harmonious, I bring full security. 22
Even the devotees of other Shining Ones,
who worship full of faith, they also worship
Me, O son of Kunti, though contrary
to the ancient rule. 23


I am indeed the enjoyer of all sacrificesand also the Lord, but they know Me notin Essence, and hence they fall. 24They who worship the Shining Ones go to the Shining Ones; to the Ancestors) gothe Ancestor-worshippers; to the Elementals go those who sacrifice to Elementals;but My worshippers come unto Me. 25He who offereth to Me with devotion aleaf, a flower, a fruit, water, that I acceptfrom the striving self, offered as it is with devotion. 26


Whatsoever thou doest, whatsoever thou eatest, whatsoever thou offerest, whatsoever
thou givest, whatsoever thou doest of austerity, O Kaunteya, do thou that as an offering unto Me.
Thus shall thou be liberated from the bonds of action, yielding good and evil fruits; thyself
harmonized by the yoga of renunciation, thou shah come unto Me when set free. 28

The same am I to all beings; there is none hateful to Me nor dear.They verily who worship Me with devotion, they are in Me, and I also in them. 29Even if the most sinful worship Me with undivided heart, he too must be accounted righteous, for he bath rightly resolved; Speedily he becometh dutiful and goeth to eternal peace, O Kaunteya; know thou for certain that My devotee never perishes. They who take refuge with Me, O Partha, though of the womb of sin, women,Vaishyas, even Shudras, they also tread the highest path.

How much rather then holy Brahma.nas and devoted royal saints;
having obtained this transient joyless world, worship thou Me. 33
On Me fix thy mind;'be devoted to Me; sacrifice to Me;
prostrate thyself before Me; harmonized thus in the SELF,
thou shaft come unto Me having Me as thy supreme goal. 34


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