The Yoga of The Indestructible,
The Supreme Eternal

Thus in the glorious Upanishads of the BHAGAVAD-GITA,
the science of the ETERNAL, the scripture of Yoga,
the Dialogue between Shri Krishna and Arjuna,

the eighth discourse:


Arjuna not wanting to fight those that he holds dear and revers as masters and teachers is perplexed with that which is Eternal and Supreme. Lord Krishna explains to Arjuna, The Manifest and the Unmanifest. That where there is rebirth and finally to be able to reach Moksha. (to go beyond the cycle of birth and death.


Arjuna asked:
O Purushottama! (Lord Krishna)
What is that,That is ETERNAL and what is SELF knowledge?
What does Action mean?
What is declared to be the knowledge of the Elements?
What is called the knowledge of the Shining Ones?
O Madhusudana! (Lord Krishna)
What is the knowledge of Sacrifices in this body, and how?
And how, at the time of forthgoing?
Art Thou known by the SELF-Controlled?

The Blessed Lord answered
The indestructible, the supreme is the ETERNAL.
His essential nature is called SELF-Knowledge.
The emanation that causes the birth of beings is named Action. 3


Knowledge of the Elements concerns My perishable nature.
Knowledge of the Shining Ones' concerns the life-giving energy's
The knowledge of Sacrifice' tells of Me, as wearing the body.
O best of living beings
. 4


And he who, casting off the body, goeth forth thinking upon Me only at the time of the end, he enters into My Being there is no doubt of that. 5


Whosoever at the end abandoneth the body, thinking upon any being, to that being only he goeth, O Kaunteya (Arjuna), ever to that conformed in nature. 6

  Therefore at all times think upon Me only and fight.
With Mind' and Reason set on Me,
without doubt then shalt come to Me.

With the minds not wandering after aught else,
harmonized by continual practice,
constantly meditating, O Partha,(Arjuna)
one goeth to the Spirit, Supreme, Divine.

He who thinketh upon the Ancient, the Omniscient,the All-Ruler, minuter than the minute, the supporter of all, of form unimaginable,
refulgent as the sun beyond the darkness, 9
  In the time of forthgoing, with unshaken mind,
fixed in devotion, by the power of yoga.
Drawing together his life-breath
in the centre of the two eyebrows,
He goeth to the Spirit, Supreme, Divine. 10
  That which is declared indestructible by the Veda-knowers,
that which the controlled and passion-free enter.
That desiring which Brahmacharya (the vow of continence)is performed.That path I will declare to thee with brevity.

All the gates of the body closed,
the mind confined in the heart,
the life-breath fixed in his own
head, concentrated by yoga

  Om!' the one -syllabled ETERNAL, reciting, thinking upon Me, he who goeth forth, abandoning the body, he goeth on the highest path. 13
  He who constantly thinketh upon Me, not thinking ever of another, of him I am easily reached, O Partha, of this ever-harmonized Yogi. 14

Having come to Me, these Mahatmas(these great souls), are not reborn in the non-eternal, the place of pain. They have gone to the highest bliss. 15

  The worlds, beginning with the world of Brahma, they come and go, O Arjuna; but he who cometh unto Me, O Kaunteya (Arjuna), he knoweth birth no more. 16

The people who know the day of Brahmaa thousand ages induration,
and the night,a thousand ages in ending, they know day and night.

From the unmanifested all the manifested stream forth at the coming of day; At the coming of night they dissolve. Even in That is called the unmanifested. 18
This multitude of beings, going forth repeatedly, is dissolved at the coming of night; by ordination, O Partha (Arjuna), it streams forth at the coming of day
. 19
  Therefore verily there exists, higher than that unmanifested, another Unmanifested, Eternal, which in the destroying of all beings, is not destroyed. 20
  That unmanifested, which is called `The Indestructible,
It is named the highest Path. They who reach it return not.
That is My Supreme Abode.
He, the highest Spirit,( Maha Purasha Creator) O Partha(Arjuna), may be reached by unswerving devotion to Him alone, in whom all beings abide, by whom all This (theu niverse) is pervaded. 22
  That time wherein going forth Yogis return not,
and also that wherein going forth they return,
that time shall I declare to thee, O Prince of the Bharatas.
  Fire, light, daytime, the bright fortnight,
the six months of the northern paths (of the Sun)
then,going forth, the men who know the
. 24


Smoke, night-time, the dark fortnight also,
the six months of the southern path (the lunar)then the Yogi,
obtaining the moonlight,(the Astral Body) returneth
Until this is slain the soul returns to birth 25


Light and darkness, these are thought to be the world's everlasting paths; by the one he goeth who returneth not, by the other he who returneth again

Knowing these paths, O Partha, the Yogi is not to be perplexed.
Therefore in all times be firm in yoga, O Arjuna.

The fruit of meritorious deeds, attached in the Vedas to sacrifices, to austerities, and also to alms giving, the Yogi passeth all these by having known this, and goeth to the Supreme and Ancient Seat.



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