Babaji as a Child

In the year 203 AD, on the 30th day of November, in a small village now known as Parangipettail, in Tamil Nadu, India, near where the Cauvery River flows into
the Indian Ocean, a child was born, The name Nagaraj was given to
this child by his parents. Nagaraj means "King of the serpents".

The birth of the child took place in the month Kartikai at the period of the new moon. Diwali is the Festival of Lights celebrates the of the forces of Light over the forces of Darkness. The victory over the forces darkness is told in the epic of Ramayana, when Lord Rama slays the evil Ravana. In the south this victory is celebrated of their deity, Murugan, over the demons. Lord Murugan, son of Lord Shiva, is the deity of the Tamil Siddhas.

The father and mother of this child were descendants of families of Nambudri Brahmins who had immigrated to this seacoast village. This is the present state of Kerala. Nambudri Brahmins have been dedicated to priestly duty and scholarship.

The priest of the village's principal temple was Nagaraj's father. As a young child Nagaraj, in his early formative years, must have been greatly influenced by the personal religious practices of his parents. and the ceremonies and celebrations with temple life. In the daily life of a Brahmin priest, bathing, food preparation, study and ceremonies, is only associated with spiritual practices. Life was conducted in a "Sattvic" way. The chanting of prayers, the study of the scriptures was a part of Nagraj's life. The roots of his spiritual practice and search for the Ultimate took root in his early childhood.

Nagraj, himself was a high soul, taking birth for the upliftment of mankind. Gautama Buddha, nearing his the physical end, in the 5th century, BC, predicted that his teachings would be distorted and lost. Mankind have short memories and tend to distort what the Sages have taught to suit there lives. Buddha also said that his teachings would be rediscovered in 800 years and preserved by one whose name would be associated with the term "naga". Gautama Buddha, for reasons related to his next advent as the Maitreya or world teacher, may have foretold the birth of a child named Nagaraj the great Siddha Yogi known today as "Babaji" .

There is very little known about Nagraj's mortal life. Very little has been told by Babaji of his early years. At the age of five he was kidnapped. The kidnapper was from Baluchistan. The fair, handsome features of Nagaraj had attracted this man, who sought to sell Nagaraj as a slave. He took Nagaraj on a sailboat up the coast until they reached a port near what is now Calcutta. Nagaraj was sold to a wealthy man as a slave. Eventually Nagaraj was set freer. Circumstances freed Nagaraj from the duties and limitations of a Brahmin householder.


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