Higher Chakras and Dimensions

Now in the year 2012 with the Shift upon us, let us look at the higher chakra and the dimensions. As 12- 12-12 draws near we must know that we are Divine Beings ourselves.The Seven Chakras have been explained in detail .Their functions and subtle energies that they emanate. But, there is something more than that. There higher Chakras that are above, and they rotate in the astral worlds. We, are connected to them and the messages that come from the Divine and Ascended masters are from the celestial realms. Ultimately we too, are celestial. It is to connect with these enormous energies that lift all humans into the realms of the higher dimensions. Those realms that will have peace, harmony and love on this Earth.


Illusion   The Higher Chakras
What Are Dimensions   Initiations: Dimensions
The Dimensions   The Third Eye And the Pineal Gland
The Fourth Dimension   Where is our Universe?
The Fifth Dimensions   Critical energy level of consciousness.
The third-dimensional chakras   Meditation to bring down the
fourth-dimensional chakras
The Fourth-Dimensional Higher Chakras  



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