Meditation to bring down the fourth-dimensional chakras

  1. 1. Relax into a meditative state.
    2. Move your red chakra from your base centre into your feet.
    3. Then the orange chakra from your sacral centre into your ankles.
    4. The yellow chakra from your solar plexus into your calves.

    5. The green chakra from your heart centre into your knees.
    6. The turquoise cllakra from your throat centre to above your knees.
    7. The indigo chakra from your third eye into the upper thigh.
    8. The violet chakra from your crown centre to the top of your legs.
    9. Bring down your eighth chakra into your crown centre,
    doubling up with the violet chakra.
    10. Bring down your white-violet fifteenth chakra into your crown.
    11. Bring down your golden-white fourteenth chakra into your third eye.
    12. Bring down your deep blue-violet thirteenth chakra into your throat centre.
    13. Bring down your pale violet-pink twelfth chakra into your heart centre.
    14. Bring down your gold eleventh chakra into your solar plexus.
    15. Bring down your pink-orange tenth chakra into your sacral.
    16. Bring down your pearl-white ninth chakra into your base centre.
    17. Sit quietly radiating the new high vibration colours.
    18. End the meditation by closing your chakras.

Further Introspection

Imagine where the man and woman had strict and opposite roles.. She loved, nurtured and cared for her man. In exchange the man supported and protected her.'The woman was creative, intuitive and artistic. Her inspirations thought through by him, then took action ensuring that things got done. He provided and she received. Take the word and defination of man and woman out of this and call them masculine and feminine energies or yang and yin .

Recognise that these energies are intended to work internally in perfect balance and support. Our inner life is mirrored externally. A perfect balance is when our yin side comes up with creative ideas and intuitions which our yang side supports and activates for us. While our yang energy is protecting us, logically deliberating and taking action, our yin side is nurturing, caring for and comforting us.


Please take the time to reflect on the following questions: to check how balanced we are.

How are your relationships with the men in your life? Father, brothers, uncles, male boss, male friends?
As a woman, how do you feel about expectationsof holding down a job as well as being a wife and mother?
As a woman, how do you feel about expressing nurturing and caring in business?

As a man, how do you feel about expectations placed on you to remain strong and yet nurture and care?
How do you feel about being a provider. The outside world and the world of work are represented by the masculine energy. What is your attitude to these worlds? How do you relate to money, power, politics? How do you give?
Are you authoritative, controlling, assertive, dominant? How are your relationships with the women in your life? Mother, sisters, aunts, female boss, female friends? As a man, how do you feel about
showing the vulnerable, caring and nurturing aspect of yourself?

Do you think too much? Are you intellectual?
Do you rationalise, analyse and compartmentalise everything?
Are you afraid of the future or do you want to rush headlong forward?

Is the right side of your body relaxed and strong or is it weak, damaged or tense?
Our yang side is governed by our left brain, which is intellectual, controlling and outgoing
-any problems are reflected physically in the right side of the body.


Is the left side of your body relaxed and strong or is it weak,damaged or tense?
Our yin side is governed by our right brain, which is creative, intuitive and nurturing -
any problems are reflected physically in the left side of the body


How do you feel about nourishing and healing others? Can you be tender, compassionate and wise?
Do you honour your intuition? Do you let your creative and artistic side flow?
Are you able to listen? Can you ask for help? How do you receive?
Do you hold on to the past or do you deny it?




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