Critical energy level of Consciousness


Our earth is on three-dimensional plane. Among all other species present on the earth,
the human species is the chief presiding species. What ever exists in the universe is an expression of
one original live essence. Para-perceptional light is the first expression. Metaphysics calls the mineral kingdom as solidified light. It can be said that the universe is manifestation of consciousness. Vibration is the sign of life. Heaviest to the grossest vibrates. Thus it has life. Its consciousness is dormant. As we evolve our vibration increases. Man with great inertia having more of animal instincts has lower vibration than the man with sensitivity and refinement. This vibration can be measured.

The measure is Kundalini chakras.

ini exists in the astral body, not in the physical body. Man is called living when his physical body is in live association with his astral and causal bodies [see illustration] Physical body is made up of five elements, namely earth, water, fire, air and Akashya. Astral body is made up of vital or prank energy molecules. It is on different dimension. Powerful third dimensional telescope or microscope cannot see this energy. But it can be felt. It is due to this astral association that we are able to see, hear, smell, touch etc. At death when this body goes out of the physical body; eyes cannot see, ears can not hear and thus the person is called dead. Astral laws are different than the physical laws. Our physical plane time is linear. On astral plane time is reversible, flexible. That is why often we see in dreams past life sequence or future events. Kundalini chakras are in the astral body. In a living person this kundalini can be traced along the spinal cord.


Kundalini is a misunderstood area. People associate it with cosmic paranormal powers. Some associate it with spirituality. Actually those whose higher chakras are open, do have cosmic powers but those who have those powers need not be on higher chakras. It is like saying that milk contains butter but butter need not contain milk. The third root race [we are the fifth root race of Aryans] i.e. Lemurians, as well as fourth root race of Atlanteans, (before its fall into black magic,) were gifted with full awareness. They had clairvoyance, telepathy, psychometry as inborn faculties. Atlantean civilization was far more advanced than ours. But they were -as a race working only on lower two Kundalini Chakras, namely Muladhara and Swadhisthan. Today our perceptions are limited to three dimensional plane only. Yet most of the humanity is on the third chakra, namely Manipur. Why? Chakras are measure of evolution, not of power. What makes man evolve? Evolution depends on many factors but the journey goes through animal instincts, emotional i.e. vital responses, and mental purity. Vibrations can be measured with the help of Kundalini charkas.

What is this Kundalini?

Kundalini is an astral force, it is an astral spinal cord in the astral body.
What then is astral body ?
When a man is living he has three bodies in association.
1] Physical body. 2] Astral body. 3] Causal body.

Physical body is made up of Panch Mahabutas or Five Elements. Earth, water, fire, air, akashya or ether. Akasha is intangible and invisible but it is physical, i.e. it is born of tamo guna. This Akashya pervades all over our physical body. It is a transit medium in between astral body and the physical. When man dies, his eyes can not see though the organs are there, Why? Because the presiding entity -the astral body and causal body have severed their connection from it. Our physical brain is a computer which decodes astral perception. The one who sees, hears, tastes or commands is the astral body. This body is made up of Vital energy Cosmic energy transmitted by our sun from its astral plane. Its molecules are loosely set, plastic and can be moulded by the magnetic force of desires. Astral body is presided over by Prana cell which behaves as an individualized entity because of its association with the casual body. The Rishis have studied each plane of existence with wonderful openers, clarity, and dedication.


When a man is living, each and every cell of his body is pervaded by Prana through akashya transit. The presiding controlling cell is known as Prana or Jiva. It stays closer to the heart area, while its ejection from the physical body can be through different areas depending on one's evolution. The root race of Aryans till recently were/ are on the second and third charkas. Hence more than often ejection of the astral body takes place through naval center-Swadhishthan. In dream state we go out through this opening into the astral world of which our physical brain may or may not have any memory.

More than often this memory is wrongly decoded by the brain. Hence we do not see or experience this wonderful rich plane. Astral body is the replica of our physical body so far as the resemblance is concerned. As a rule it looks youthful. Astral body has an astral brain. Its brain cavity is much bigger than what we see in the physical brain. The cosmic fluid-or cosmic essence is drawn into the body through this opening as per one's need just as we draw in air when we breathe in air as per our need. The astral brain sends this essence to the astral heart which pumps it into astral body through its astral nerves/channels. Astral spinal cord is made up of a live cosmic force, which we call kundalini.


Meditation to bring down the fourth-dimensional chakras


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