Where is our Universe?

Classification of dimension is not fixed.
We have presented a traditional view which has taken the body
Constituents and so perception faculties as base for reference
for example physical, astral, mental, spiritual etc.


There are innumerable astral regions so also electronic.They are created and regulated by Creator level Hierarchies. They are watched and ultimately regulated by Source level Council. There are many, many universes in this creation. Our universe with billions of galaxies and trillions of constellations is like a grain
of sand in the ocean. Each universe has a life span. It evolves
higher and higher after each new birth.


If Infinite Creative force on which the Universes are graded is taken as the
cosmic kundalini with seven main and five sub charkas, then our present
Universe is born on the second Swadhisthan chakra. It has sprung
up from Vishnu nabhi. [Naval of Vishnu]


Universe is on Swadhisthan chakra means the collective consciousness of all dimensional universal beings is of that grade.Though collective universal consciousness may be at Swadhisthan chakra, but it does not mean that highly spiritual beings or regions are not there in our universe. Then there are pockets in this universe like the earth, whose special contribution is highest spirituality. No other region no heavenly abode has
this opportunity to grow spiritual in midst of limitations.


The earth and the solar system are at present on physical three dimensional plane.
Soon it will be lifted to fifth dimensional paradise where physicality will be blended
with divine abundance, positive tendencies, but then the intensity and speed
of spiritual evolution will be less.


Joy and bliss - both are positive, but they are different.
Let us say good bye to three dimensional reality which soon will
remain with us only as an awesome, interesting memory!


Critical energy level of consciousness.


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