Initiations: Dimensions

For those who are deeply interested in the subject.
Let us see chakra centers once more.

Muladhar........First Chakra
Swadhisthan....... Second chakra
Manipur...........Third chakra
Anahata /heart........Fourth Chakra
Vishudhi.........Fifth Chakra
Agnya./third eye...Sixth Chakra
Sahasrara..........Seventh Chakra

These are associated with the physical body, The first , second and third lower half of third
chakras are in the third dimensional region. 4th" 5th" up to sixth are fourth dimensional /
astral charkas. 6th", 7th", and 8th" fall into fifth dimensional region. The 8th chakra
is few inches above Sahasrara. It is known as soul chakra.

According to Mahatma, 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th region initiations are up to 6th dimension. For having 7th dimensional reality i.e. to go up to over soul level one has to go through 125 levels of initiations. From 8th to 9th, dimension 215 levels of initiation are needed. Thus total mile stones on the path are 352 initiations- Then merging occurs. Identification with some one is often taken as merging. Identification is a temporary and very partial state of merging. Solar level is 5th dimensional. Galactic level is 6th dimensional. Universal or cosmic level is 7th dimensional.

Over soul level or rather a region from where invisible rays get manifested is 8th dimension. Council of twelve works here. Spiritual executive level is 9th dimension. 10th is the Source level dimension. 11th" is the transit zone. 12th dimension is called absolute, immutable, all pervading, transcendental plane. Presently Mahatma Energy has descended from [9th dimensional plane] Chakras and dimensions are a simple yet intricate subject, because of our preconceived ideas. In the new age programand "The Shift" the heart chakra has been made functional as unified field of energy.

What does it mean?
It means that just by meditating on
heart chakra all other charkas can be accessible.
All dimensions can be contacted by looking into the heart.
It also means that with body consciousness
one can experience the higher areas.

The Third Eye And the Pineal Gland


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