The Higher Chakras


The eleventh chakra,

In the solar plexus, is pure, shimmering, shining gold.
Gold is the colour of wisdom. It signifies confidence and power.
At the third-dimensional level the yellow solar plexus is a psychic
chakra which constantly picks up the vibrations of people and situations
around us. If we hold unresolved fears here from this life or past ones,
and most of us do - then external fears or negative emotions will
attach to our solar plexus and make us feeltense and uncomfortable.

When the fourth dimensional gold chakra
opens, it holds no blocks to which external fears can attach.
The vibrational waves pass straight through the chakra leaving us
feeling relaxed, calm and wise no matter what the external circumstances.

The eleventh chakra
is a galactic chakra. As this chakra descends and opens it becomes
important to
meditate in a group to link into other galaxies.

The twelfth chakra,
In the heart center, is a pale, ethereal violet-pink. It is the total spiritualisation of the heart energy
and opens as we enter enlightenment.The Christ consciousness is anchored here; so as this chakra opens we are living in unconditional love and automatically open the heart chakras of those
around us. This chakra links us in to the rest of the universe.


The thirteenth chakra,
In the throat center, is a deep blue violet colour. When this chakra descends and
opens, much higher psychic and spiritual energies become available to us. We open
our healing channels and are able to heal mental as well as physical conditions in
others. We open up to many psychic gifts and are able to work with the Laws of
Materialization and Dematerialization , using our thoughts as well as our power.
Now we cancommunicate with Archangels and Higher Beings. There is
an immense sense of strength with this chakra.


The fourteenth chakra,
in the third eye, is a translucent golden-white. When this chakra opens
our mind auto- matically surrenders to the Divine Plan. Our thoughts are
of a higher, purer vibration. We truly are one with the Will of God.
We can transmute the karma of others andare nowopen to the
higher levels of clairvoyance and pro phecy and are able to
communicate on the inner planes with Masters and higher guides.

The fifteenth chakra
is white-violet. When this chakra descends into the crown we have merged completely with
our soul, or Higher Self, and take our guidance and instruction from our Monad.


In order to open the fourth-dimensional chakras we must have passed
the fourth initiation. This, for most of us, is like a crucifixion. So if
you have gone through a crucifying time in your life it may well be
that challenge was the flame that burnt the dross of the old,
enabling you to move into the fourth dimension.


The fifth and sixth initiations are easier.
It is a process of purification and more purification,
of filling yourself with light and then offering yourself
in service to humankind - or whatever your particular pathway is.


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