The third-dimensional chakras
In a brief synopses of the chakras


The first chakra,
the base center, is red and monitors our physical, material.
Survival. It helps us take action and get things done.
Our life force or kundalini energy is stored here.

The second chakra,
the sacral center, is orange, the colour of sociability and friendliness.
It is our emotional and sexual center and is linked
into collective unconscious beliefs about sexuality. This is the chakra
of clairsentience, which is the psychic ability to pick up
someone's physical pain and draw it into our body to
transmute. Most of us have experienced this when
we have chatted to a friend who has a headache.
We listen to their problems and they leave feeling
fine while we go home with the headache.
It can also pick up much deeper problems

The third chakra,

the solar plexus, is yellow. This is our area of personal courage,confidence and willpower.
If we want to control others,this is the chakra we use to do so. If we are afraid, this center
becomes a green yellow or liverish colour. The more confident, independent
and wise we are the deeper the yellow. From here we constantly send out
feelers to check that we are safe, for instance when we are driving the car.
If we sense our loved ones are in trouble or danger, our solar plexus
antennae reach out to search for information. Most of us hold
fear in here from our childhood or past lives. In this case
our solar plexus will tense if someone with a similar
fear or anger is near us

The fourth chakra,
the heart center, is green with a rose pink center.
If we hold on to old rejections, this chakra closes down.
When the heart center opens with compassion,
love and empathy, we start to become healers
and other people feel very safe
and enfolded in our presence.


The fifth chakra,
the throat center, is turquoise. It is the chakra of communication
and is about speaking how we honestly feel and what we truly believe.
When we are afraid to speak out or want to please others, we block
this center. A block here may manifest as a sore throat. A pain in the
neck may literally mean that someone is being a pain in the neck and
we dare not tell him how we feel. On a psychic level when the
fifth chakra isopen, we are telepathic, we pick up psychic
impressions and listen to our inner guidance.

The sixth chakra,
the third eye, is deep indigo-blue.
When our third eye is open, we are clairvoyant
and psychic, and our healing ability is enhanced.


The seventh chahra,
the crown chakra, is violet and is our connection
with our Higher Self.



The Fourth-Dimensional Higher Chakras


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