The Fifth Dimension


The Fifth dimension, the frequency range of twenty nine through thirty five.
It has a larger spectrum of colors and sounds.
Many opportunities awaits us .

The Fifth Dimension is a higher frequency of spiritual evolution that we enter after our Higher Selves merge with our physical to our energy bodies. This merging will occur when fear and negativity are no longer present.The person has control over the mental and emotional bodies. The human form that results will resemble the present physical form and will be a refinement of it. At present, humans have limited form of intelligence, and are acting in a narrow range of consciousness.

Time exists only within the reality of each individual. As individuals acquire a higher vibrational frequency, they experience the discarding of the old constraints related to time and move into alternative realities that are accessed through Divine Mind and the thought forms of higher beings of Light.

The Ascended Masters call the Fifth Dimension the dimension of mind and thought manifestation. This dimension supports creation and will constitute the means for bringing Heaven on Earth in the New Golden Age. The frequencies of the Fifth Dimension are higher than those of the physical, dense world of Earth. In fact, they can vibrate beyond the speed of Light. Manifestation and creation are the conscious experiences of this dimension. It is here where the heart, attuned with the mind of the Higher Self, rules.



Metaphysics is defined as a reality based on abstract and subtle reasoning. Reality that is beyond the physical world. It is supernatural. The Fifth Dimension is a metaphysical world. Metaphysics is founded on the principles of physics that describe our existence as based in energy. Metaphysics also is the study of the nature of knowledge.

The Fifth Dimension and higher are concerned with processes. They emphasize the process of evolution and the process of moving into a higher consciousness all dependent upon our managing our own energy, minds, and hearts.

Sixth and Seventh Dimensions are the home of higher
Celestial Beings such as the Ascended Masters. We have to evolve to that reality

The third-dimensional chakras


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