The Fourth Dimension

The Fouth Dimension is in the range of twenty two to twenty eight frequiences. This is the most challenging as one battles with the dark forces of the third dimension and transmute all into light. The Earth itself will has moved through this dimension. It's path will be through the precession of the Equinoxes. It will anchor itself eventually in the fifth Dimension. Till then people will feel the constant challenges by these unseen forces.

There is another viarable of TIME added to this dimension. Time is an extension of the past and future. Time is defined as dependant on matter. Einstein refered to time as the Fourth Dimension. In his theory of relativity, to determine a location in space on requires these four cordinates.Lenght,width,depth and time. He refered to this dimension as time and space continum.

Time awakens our memories of who and what we are. In dimensions higher than the Third Dimension, we can traverse time, moving into past lives and then forward into the future. In other words, we can return turn again and again in a cyclical pattern. This process is a spiral which goes upward and onward in a never ending path.


Spirals are circular patterns with the dimension of time added.
Life evolves in a spiral motion through all the dimensions.
The lower kingdoms support and sustain the higher ones,
Allowing Evolution.


This dimension is the vibration that begins to open the heart. It is possible through vibrations that resonate higher than the physical. This is a dimension that demands that we learn to forgive before we are allowed to exit from its frequency. The higher vibrations of the Fourth Dimension provide us with experiences that require us to choose life styles and behaviors that may be different from those which we acted in the past. Similarly challenges will present themselves in which you battle with old conditioning and the new experiences.

The feeling of duality is still present in this dimension. Fourth Dimension people continue to see things as good/evil, male/female, and light/ dark all carry-overs from the Third Dimension. Upon entering this consciousness, we strive to work through our personal baggage and to solve problems related to duality. It must be experienced in order to achieve higher consciousness.

Slowly, the understanding of Oneness comes into one's consciousness. This new knowledge and increased Light, solve many problems. A hunger for more knowledge is aroused. A person either chooses truth and enlightenment or be in the third dimensional realities of duality, rebirth, and suffering.

This is difficult for most people, because choosing higher consciousness and realities
Requires Change.

The Fifth Dimensions



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