The Dimensions

The First Dimension
is often called The Mineral Kingdom. It's frequency range is one to seven. Consciousness is experienced through the laws of magnetism, gravity and chemical properties. Solidification of thought form is through the lowest vibratory experience. The mineral kingdom provides the nutrients necessary for sustaining life.

The Second Dimension is known as The Animal Kingdom.
The harmonic range is of eight to fourteen. Plants need light to sustain life.
The sun provides the photons through the process of photosynthesis.


The Third Dimension is the Animal Kingdom of which we Humans are a part. It's frequencies range from
fifteen to twenty one. In the Animal kingdom consciousness ranges from simple to almost the capacity of
humans. As animals evolve the acquire higher stats of behavior. The Human kingdom functions
at the top of the scale of the animal kingdom.

Inate intelligance sets humans apart from the rest of creation.

The third dimension adds the mesurement of depth to all flat measurments. It is this, that supports the physical world around us. All is Energy and the third dimension is often called Solidified thought . That, that is referred to as Maya or Illusion. Everything seems real as it has length, width and depth. Three dimensional. The density of matter makes everything a slower vibration. It makes you perceive reality as limiting. Comprehending the power of the mind is difficult and how the mind rules thoughts which allows you to manifest.

A constant sense of Duality pervades the Third Dimension. One feels the pain, suffering and emotional challenges in experiencing life on this Dimension. This accrues Karma as one is driven to avoid the pain and suffering. We accumulate good or bad Karma which is to be addressed later on.

As one is Enlightened or raises the energy levels within oneself, one perceives
reality as not dualistically. Each event is in the context of what it exists in.

One begins to evolve out of the Illusion of The Third Dimension.


The Fourth Dimensions


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