What are Dimensions?

Everything in the Universe consists of Energies. All energy can be measured and reduced to a vibrational frequency. The term "Everything" includes all terms meaning mental, emotional, physical and even spiritual. Every particle, thought, word, object, experience or emotion has it's own vibrational frequency. This can be measured mathematically. All dimensions exist simultaneously. All that is or will ever be exists in this moment of time.


When a soul chooses a dimension it must master the curriculum of that dimension before it is allowed to exit out of it. We are still on the third dimensional plane. We call it a physical plane where laws of physics operate. The curriculum of the Third Dimension is to be able to understand Love and Light.


That means in order to evolve one must learn unconditional Love through Light.


Since the human body is an energy system to ascend from the Third Dimension we
must accomplish this by studying the White Light and the integral colors of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet. Understand that the Source of all Creation and Power is in the Light.

Physics has been able to measure the vibraional frequencies of all colors. Therefore the number of vibrations can be translated into a color. Red vibrates at a lower end and violet at the higher end of the spectrum. The vibrational range to each dimension is unique to each of the seven levels. Each color has a emotional and psychological agenda. To attain mastery we must ground ourselves and attain mastery through the chakras.

Each of the seven levels has a vibration that is unique to that level. This is subdivided into further seven divisions. Lower dimensions vibrate at a lower frequency and the higher at higher frequencies.
All Dimensions Are Consciousness and they Exist Simultaneously..

The Ascended Masters vibrate at a much higher frequency than we ordinary mortals, but, we all exist simultaneously. We may not be able to see them, but they can see us. Those that can see them with their inner eye. Ultra violet light vibrates at a high frequency. This Light has always been a part of reality. We do not
see it but now with modern science we have instruments that can measure it.
All Dimensions within the Universe Exist Simultaneously.


The First to Third Dimensions


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