A Unification of Forces


AT THE BIG BANG, When time, space, and energy came into being, was there an essential unity to nature? Before gravity separated at 10/'3 second, it, the strong and weak nuclear forces, and the electromagnetic force were unified. As the universe cooled, the unity and symmetry of those interactions were broken one by one. First steps in reunifying them are by mathematical constructions called gauge theories. In unifying the weak and electromagnetic forces into the "electroweak,"were physicist Steven Weinberg , Abdus Salam , and Sheldon Glashow. Theory requires proof by experiment.

Can Bigbang energies never be duplicated? Experiments rely on applying ever more energy to the atom. Atoms are end products, born to a millions of years old universe and far removed from bigbang conditions. But first let us understand what is a Atom, Quark Elctromagnetic, Gravity and such names that we have heard but do not know what they mean.

Atoms are "MESSY"

To our conventional way of thinking about objects. The uncertainty principle and the whole of quantum theory, the kind of objects they seem to be depends observation we alter their states. In proton pool, this is like being foreverbehind something that blocks total understanding. The strangeness of quantum reality speculates that reality is a meaningless idea and others to ponder mysticism. If the parts of atoms seem always elusive, their behavior is statistically predictable to a high degree of accuracy.





All mirages dissolve.
Science is sounding like the Vedas.
From science, let man learn the philosophic
truth that there is no material universe;
and it's sructure is maya, illusion.

In his famous equation outlining the equivalence of mass and energy, Einstein proved that the energy
in any particle of matter is equal to its mass or weight multiplied by the square of the velocity of light. The release of the atomic energies is brought about through annihilation of the material particles.

The "death" of matter has given birth to an Atomic Age.

Light velocity is a mathematical constant not because there is an absolute value in 186,300 miles a second, but because no material body, whose mass increases with its velocity, can ever attain the velocity of light. Only a material body whose mass is Infinite could equal the velocity of light. This conception brings us to the law of miracles.

Masters who are able to materialize and dematerialize their bodies and other objects, and to move with the velocity of light, and to utilize the creative light rays in bringing into instant visibility any physical manifestation, have fulfilled the lawful condition: their mass is infinite.

The consciousness of a perfected yogi is effortlessly identified with the universal structure. Gravitation, be it "force" of Newton, or the Einsteinian theroy of "manifestation of inertia," is powerless to exhibit the property of weight in the Master. The master knows himself as the omnipresent Spirit.

"Let there be light! And there was light."
In the creation of the universe, God's first command brought into being the structural essential:
Light. On the beams of this immaterial medium occur all divine manifestations.


the several hundred known subatomic particles
are made of quarks, bound together by what physicists call
the strong nuclear force. The exceptions are
called leptons, Greek for "slight."




The best known lepton is the electron. As electric current, electrons put us in daily contact with the subatomic world and are the only leptons vital to the atom's structure. Physicists are not sure why two other leptons even exist. Muons, have about 200 times as much mass as electrons and are the major by product of the cosmic radiation that constantly bombards earth. Far heavier and equally furtive is the tau, a lepton. Like the electron and muon, it carries a negative electric charge.

The other leptons are neutrinos "little neutral ones" that carry no charge and are so light that their mass, if any, has so far gone undetected. Each of the neutrinos seems to couple with a heavier partner a tau, muon, or electron. Scientists are still searching for the tau neutrino.

"What is the world made of?"


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