I must have started on the subject of Atlantis umpteen number of times. Every time I started writing on the "Lost continent" I would just leave it and start on another subject. Something told me that the conventional way of historical data was not compiling into the destruction of Atlantis. No known texts or records showed the actual dates. There were theories that Atlantis last sank about 11500 years ago. Somehow my own intuition said that there was more to these few recorded facts. There was a lot more than that. My own dreams were leaving me bewildered.

I now know that Dreams are a very high level, distilled message from the Higher Self that comes through to the individual in the language of metaphor. It doesn't matter whether you understand your dreams with your conscious mind or not, whether you remember them or not. Your dreams communicate with your fourth-dimensional or fourth-density astral self.

The astral self goes through the dream experience. It is as if multiple levels of your being that are doing different things, things that you're not aware of. They're doing all sorts of work, and yet it's all part of you, at the same time. This is a very mind-expanding concept because you realize how much more you are than your physical body. You realize how much more you're loved and how much more of yourself there is.


Then, a few years ago with my friend Mitch, a Hypno- therapist, Psychoanalyst, and Energy worker, we decided to regress me. Before the session Mitch insisted that I should ask the question which would give me answers to what we were searching for. My one question was "What can I bring to today, from the knowledge of Lemuria and Atlantis." What unfolded was just mind blowing. I talked about "Solidified Light", "Creation", Extraterrestrial and Spiraling Galaxies.

According to science that would be philosophy. Science needs to prove with a mathematical equation the workings of the Universe. Can they prove realms exist beyond our "plane" or brane"? The cosmos would make perfect sense if it turns out we're living in a 10- or 11-dimensional realm where gravity is off on a different plane entirely. Though this sounds like unverifiable claims, physicists are trying to come up with ways to gather evidence to back up or disprove the extra dimensional theories.
Then my friend El channeled two Atlantean masters. My own regression and memories seem to be triggered. I was in the realm of all potential and possibilities.

Lord Krishna said in the Bhagvaad Gita
"When religion and science blend and are one,
the true nature of the Universe shall be known."

Then can we query "Are all Ascended Masters physicists,
or are all Divine Physicists Ascended Masters? Maybe…….Shana


Rising of Atlantis


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