Rising of Atlantis

There is a misconceived idea that Atlantis was a space, a small area of the
Earth, which somehow sank below the sea. That was not the real Atlantis.
Atlantis was the Universe. Its reflection was shown on certain
areas of Earth. Atlantis did not exist on physical Earth at all.


The Lost World of Atlantis, referred to as the universe that was Atlantis, had veils that were brought upon it. When the Universe was created, it could not have veils put upon it as strongly as they are now. The veils had to come in gently, over several ages and eons. That Universe that was beyond all veils was Atlantis. Because it did not exist on Earth, and was merely 'reflected' on Earth, "Beings of Energy" could freely intermingle between the 'reflection' and the 'absolute'. The conscious mind cannot even understand that of which is spoken. Thus the 'reflection' and the Reality almost became as one to these beings. And that is why humanity today remembers the 'reflection' as Atlantis.

These Energy Beings that comprised of Atlantis were huge balls of fire. One such "Being" stayed back in the Universe, even after the veils were put, and is today considered "The Sun". In the present, which is veiled, the Atlantean energy, in its purest form, is that of the Sun. "It is an Energy Being". The other balls of fire began to disperse into different dimensions and waited there, as aetheric masses of constantly evolving and modifying energies, till it was time for them to merge and return. It is now time for the veils to be lifted gradually. That is the Rising of Atlantis: the rising of the veils.


They are the veils of forgetfulness. These are Atlantean veils, where Atlantis had to be shielded from its 'reflection'. It is not Atlantis that was lost, but the 'reflection'. The 'reflection' began taking into itself energies that began to modify the 'reflection', and because there was no direct connection now between the Real and the 'reflection', the modified energies are what is called as negative.

The four rays that will cohese on a special day of the Global Meditation are the four balls of fire that will merge into the very Sun. There will be unseen, unheard of solar flares, and solar activity, some of which might be a little difficult for the Earth planet to take and might cause large weather disturbances; but that is only for a short period.

They are none other than modified energies of Atlantis, the reflection. As soon as the Atlantean Balls of Fire begin to cohese, and from time to time, more of them will cohese, greater and greater will be the eradication of, what is have called, 'negative' because the 'reflection' will once again be guided by the pure Atlantean energy. Very rapidly, this beginning will be of entering into the fifth dimension. Atlantis was, is, and will always be the "Unified Energy of all Realms and Dimensions", the one "Oneness."

These four rays will ultimately merge with the Sun. There are hundreds of Suns in all the hundreds of galaxies. Are they all the same balls of fire? They are all One Universe. the Atlantis energies dispersed, as said, into different parts, waiting to cohese and come together.






The galaxies will come together. There are movements taking place, in space. This is the movement of the Rising of Atlantis. Your galaxy is moving progressively forward. Movement. Movement. It is only a shift towards Unity, where the Unity will start from its largest space. Unify. It must all come together.

Atlantis was the Universe


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