Can Consciousness be Defined?

Consciousness is a set of beliefs on which we base our lives and through which we make the choices and decisions that make up our present reality. A dimension is a state of consciousness. What we know about dimensions, is that each is about a unique set of beliefs. For example, third dimension is about the belief that, this is the only life that we have and if you cannot function with our senses that is, touch it, taste it, see it, feel it or hear it, it doesn't exist. The Fifth dimension is our realization that we are all One, or Unified in our set of beliefs. Our present third dimension consciousness was not established until enough people began to believe the same way. The Fifth dimension consciousness was not established until enough of the people existing there, figured out how to live in unity. When enough people live a set of beliefs they create a dimension.

All physical matter has a discernable vibrations or frequencies. A state of consciousness or dimension vibrates at a certain frequency. The closer we integrate the point of Light and Dark, the faster we vibrate.

If a whole group of people acquire a particular set of beliefs, the understanding of how to live integrating between Light and Dark, then they all begin to vibrate at that particular rate. This vibratory rate is also known as a frequency. Perhaps, this why those that are in the process are called Light workers. This unified vibration creates a new consciousness, a new reality, and a new dimension by those individuals in the group expressing themselves emotionally and creatively.

Ascension is also about perception, about how we perceive our reality. We can choose to validate ourselves or tear ourselves down. We have to keep choosing the love; it's all about love.


Misconceptions of Ascension


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