Cause of that Energy

Every effect has to have a cause. Where does the energy come from? How does the sacred space in the physical temple come into being? The greatest source of energy on the earth is electromagnetic energy, energies of outer Creation that actually surround the planet and reside in what is known as the magnetosphere. In essence, the planet is a giant machine. A solid core that spins faster than the outer shell creates this electromagnetic energy. Energy is the acting energy of the electron, the intelligent part of the atomic structure.

Seeing this, the temples are like antenna to this magnetosphere. They call in a vortex of magnetic energy. When the electromagnetic energy vortex enters the temple, the electron is split away from the magnetic wave and both are utilized to create three harmonics within the temple itself.

We also utilize this controlled space in many of the other temples. In India the sages and enlightened ones went into the remotest parts of the Himalayas to that quality of silence that represents the spiritual. There are those temples that hold the Controlled space. These energies and their frequencies allow the harmonic creation of all forms of life

At the time of the Solstice, at that exact precise moment energy switched from the longest to the shorest day where it was possible to bring new forms of life. This was with the alchemy of creating new forms. There were three frequencies used in these creations. In the higher dimensions it is with Force, Knowledge and Love. In our third dimensional reality is experienced of the physical, mental and spiritual or Love.We are constantaly surounded with these energies.

Now in this most exciting of ages we need to wait for the solstice, we have
the temple with in. The heart where we talk about Love is our temple.
All manifestations are from that energy of th Heart.
Our work , our endevour is all within this great Temple.

This sacred space of the Heart is creation itself. We can create sacred space in our own temple. A vortex oof spiralling energy can be created with prayer and meditation. This Infinate vortex is the Golden mean spiral. The Chakras are constantly spinning and the votex of enegy from them create the actvation of the strands of Dna which is made of Light. It opens the doorway to " No space or Time"

We utilize Sacred Geometry to create a sacred space from which to ascend to the point of being Love in Action, in the Now. We can express this ascended God presence in the third dimension by applying or being in the Great Silence. We cannot be generating discord and applying Love divine at the same time. We have to be able to sustain the Love in the Now, and extend it out into the dense world of Creation.

Dense and Physical World


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