Angels are surrounding us now, not only to inspire and encourage us, but also to help us and smooth our pathway to Ascension. While there have always been angels guiding and whispering to us, now there are more than ever before. They are coming to Earth at the command of God to assist with the waves of Ascension to take place. Because of their higher-vibratory state, most people cannot see them. So they are drawing attention to their presence by floating little feathers down to us, or a unexpected gift of flowers. Angels can help us with essentially practical matters. They also have a great sense of humour. As our vibrations rise the angels are helping to restore to us that which is ours by Divine right.


We can ask the angels to help others,

being mindful at all times of our motives.

Angels work with compassion through the heart.

If we have a pain or injury in our body, our inner child is trying to give us a message which we are ignoring, and that while we deny our body's messages, we cannot experience peace.You do not have to believe in angels to access their help and guidance. Ask and they will come close to smooth your way.As above so below. If a child loses confidence in itself, its parents' faith in the child can support it and help it to succeed. The faith of the angels in us supports us.You do not have to believe in angels. They believe in you.


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