The Uni
on of Angels and Humanity

When the Divine first created in all the joy of Creation,
he created the angelic and human kingdoms.
The Angelic was from the Heart of the Divine
and Humanity from the Mind of God.

The angelic attributes given were first passing through human evolution in any System of Worlds. Starting as mere angels and, like the elementals, they grew from the lower rungs through study, work and service. After they reach a certain stage, they do descend into the world of form, work their way up, then eventually their ascension.

Once this is done, they return to their origin of creation as members of the Angelic Kingdom. Mother Mary, who originally belonged to the Angelic Kingdom, with her service, her work was in human form to the Divine "Plan". With her ascension, she again assumed being an angel as the Twin Ray of Archangel Raphael, of the Fifth Ray.

Now, the Archangels and the Angels have broken their Cosmic silence for the first time in many thousand years and opened the door to their realms of Consciousness and Radiation of the rays to all those of humanity who choose to accept their presence and their gifts of Love and Wisdom.

Now, as the higher dimension is dawning, and understanding of those on the Earth, with it comes the Divine dictate from the Eternal to unite the Kingdoms of Angels, humanity and the Elementals in conscious cooperation to fulfill "the Divine Plan". In obedience to this, the Archangels are coming closer to us, bringing not only their Love , their Radiation and their Service. They bring a description of their world, their activities, helping us to remember our heritage, lineage and from where we came.

The world of angels is a world of love, a pulsating, breathing, radiant flame. To actually experience their presence is through love. This love must be in great inner peace and tranquility. Love, color, nature's perfume, the music of the ethers and of living in the universal laws draw them . Your good feelings, gentle and loving thoughts is the magnetic power that attracts the angels. Faith, love and absolute obedience to the Universal Creator are their qualities. Respecting human free will they will never impose or interfere in the affairs of humanity. They are attracted to those who have Faith in the Divine, that have Lovein their Heart and seek their Help.





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