The Changes

It was predicted that weather patterns would change greatly. Within the last twenty years, it has been dramatic. We are in a panic about global warming. Our warming is a natural cyclical occurrence to the coming cooling !
It has to do with the water cycle of this planet, and geologically it has speeded up.

Scientists have said Time is relative. In a vibrational shift of this planet, we have speeded up time, not the time on mechanical clocks, nor the time measured by what radioactive isotopes release. Instead, it is the interdimensionality of time. Something caused by an interdimensional shift. It’s moving far faster, and our bodies know this. We are feeling it. We know it’s going faster and so does the earth. Geology is speeding up. You are receiving things that the geologists did not expect to happen for another 100 years. That is the water cycle change, which is affecting the weather. The weather has shifted! Against all odds, we are here to see it.

The prophecies of old said that there would be an Armageddon. There were predictions of a third world war, where all would be annihilated. It also coordinated with the approximate time of our recent millennium shift. A confluence of energy was to come together with two great super powers on the earth, each one throwing atomic bombs at the other. Then we had what was called the end of the earth, or at least the end as we knew it. Many prophets gave this to us. In the Scriptures it is there for us to see in our own religions. It is also there within the quatrains of Nostradamus. It is there even in the indigenous writings of the potentials of the future.

Then, something unusual happened; it was something that could not happen on a logical and intellectual level, but it did. Overnight, one of the giants in the scheme of Earth politically fell over. The Soviet Union ceased to exist. Twenty years ago, if we had asked about the potentials of this, they would have said, “Impossible.” However, It happened. It is part of the shift. It is part of this new age of energy that is upon us. The elimination of one of the super powers had to be accomplished. Not one bomb fell. Not one battle was fought. Consciousness did it. Imagine, Bringing down a super power just with consciousness.

The Crash


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