The Beginning of the Shift

A great astronomical event. Something very special happened and is Happening. The Galactic Alignment the esoteric vibratory shift that accompanies it is palatable, and we are seeing it everywhere. This is a unique time of shift for all of us. Itís different. We are seeing things that even our ancient ancestors never saw. Itís a time of change.

In 1987 the new energy of The Harmonic Convergence prepared the Earth for the shift. Things started happening quickly. The magnetic grid of the planet was going to change greatly. It has happened in our lifetime It has moved more in the last 10 years than it had in 100. In our lifetime, this was going to happen. And it did. Of course it is Measurable with a compass. The heliosphere of the sun has changed greatly. It has diminished. There is a magnetic resource that is coming into our solar system that is part of the Galactic Alignment, which we are currently experiencing. All of this is on time, all on schedule, all appropriate for the Quantum Leap.

This alignment with what the Mayans told us is one of the highest vibrations the earth has ever seen is about to be developed in this Shift. And itís not going to happen in 2012. It happened in 1998! We are already are in the Shift. The only explosion thatís going to happen in 2012 is the explosion of the mythology of the western world trying to make you fear a date! You sit in the shift right now and the magnetic grid is part of it, all part of it. We are all experiencing it.


The Changes


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