It is all Relative.

Then what is it, this 4th dimension, which is called a dimension, but which it is not? It is Space existing with and without Time, simultaneously. At present, in consciousness, one is existing with Time. If there is complete experienced awareness and a full consciousness, that simultaneously, there exist similar three dimensions without Time, will manifest that which you wish to, when you wish to, how you wish to. So, we are all moving beyond Time, into the Fifth dimension.

What is this Fifth dimension? It is 'Timelessness': where Time will not exist. Simultaneous Existence, Instant Manifestation, Creation of Moment to Moment Realities…and all without conscious and deliberate effort, because when there is no 'Time', there would be no need to make an effort to overcome it.

Now what lies in this Fifth dimension? There is relative length, relative breadth and relative height… Relative. So one may appear to you as length, someone else may perceive it as height, and what another perceives as height, you may perceive as uni-dimensional. And how is this relative dimension perpetuated?

But the universe can be extreme. In the central depths of a black hole an enormous mass is crushed to a minuscule size. At the moment of the big bang the whole of the universe erupted from a microscopic nugget whose size makes a grain of sand look colossal. These are realms that are tiny and yet incredibly massive, therefore requiring that both quantum mechanics and general relativity simultaneously be brought to bear. The equations of general relativity and quantum mechanics, when combined, begin to shake the fundementals of physics.

Put less figuratively, well-posed physical questions elicit nonsensical answers from the unhappy amalgam of these two theories. Even if you are willing to keep the deep interior of a black hole and the beginning of the universe shrouded in mystery, you can't help feeling that the hostility between quantum mechanics and general relativity cries out for a deeper level of understanding. Can it really be that the universe at its most fundamental level is divided, requiring one set of laws when things are large and a different, incompatible set when things are small?


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