Theory of Everything

String Theroy: the multi-dimensional universe

In the standard model of particle physics, particles are considered as points moving through space, tracing out a line called the World Line. Unfortunately, there are a great number of different fundamental particles, which makes the construction of a Unified Theory difficult.

In String Theory, the myriad of particle types is replaced by a single fundamental loop, a `string'. As the string moves through time it traces out a tube, the 'World Sheet'. The string is free to vibrate, and different vibrational modes on the string represent the different particle types. One mode of vibration, makes the string appear as an electron, another as a photon. There is even a mode describing the graviton, the particle carrying the force of gravity, which is an important reason why String Theory has received the attention it has. The original hope was that String Theory will be able to unify all of the known forces and particles together into a single

`Theory of Everything'.

 Space, time and string theory


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