A Divine Scientist Explains:
the 4th Dimension Corridor

I am more than convinced that The Divine must have been a 'Physicist', a Divine Scientist. From time to time some of the knowledge seeps into us 'mere mortals'. Through discovery, with messages in dreams. Of course with all the choices given to us we tend to take a long and arduous route to 'Unification'. We will get there. The trouble is the path to enlightenment and wisdom is so confusing, fraught with many controversies. It is in truth, at times it is madness. What are Dimensions? Why do Physicist also have the same questions? A Divine Ascended Master explains the corridor of the 'fourth dimension'.



Why does the universe appear to have 'one time' and 'three space dimensions'?

Are all the measurable, 'dimensionless parameters' that characterize
the 'physical universe' be calculable in principle?

Are they some merely observed and determined
by a 'quantum' accident and totally not calculable?

Is Nature super-symmetric, and if so, how is super symmetry broken?

What are the fundamental degrees of M-theory?
the theory whose low-energy limit is 'eleven-dimensional super gravity'?

Does the 'Super String theory' describe 'Nature'?

The problem is this: There are two foundations
pillars upon which modern physics rests.

General relativity and Quantum theories cannot both be right. The two theories show the progress of physics progress that has explained the 'expansion of the heavens' and the 'fundamental structure of matter', but both seem mutually incompatible. Physicists study things that are either small or light, like atoms. Or things that are huge and heavy, like stars and galaxies, but not both. This means that they need use only quantum mechanics or only general relativity and can, with a furtive look, shrug off the other.

It is as blissful as ignorance

However, the universe can be extreme. In the central depths of a black hole an enormous mass is crushed to a minuscule size. At the moment of the big bang the whole of the universe erupted from a microscopic point whose size makes a grain of sand look colossal. These are realms that are tiny and yet incredibly massive, therefore requiring that both quantum mechanics and general relativity simultaneously. Even if one is willing to keep the beginning of the universe shrouded in mystery, you can't help but feel the hostility between quantum mechanics and general relativity.

It needs a deeper level of understanding.

Can it really be that the universe at its most fundamental level is divided, requiring
one set of laws when things are large and a different, incompatible when things are small?
. Shana


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