The New Earth

  years of empowerment
This is Such a time, A Cosmic Trigger, Eclipses, March Equinox from 09 to 11..
2012,The Magnificent Year Ahead
"the soul" awareness, the energy of light
A Review: The Great Shift...
The Shift in Consciousness
The Eight Shifts to Ascension
Rewriting our Script From the 3rd to the 4th Dimension
The New Changes.
Learning Universal Laws
Changing Energies
The First Surge
Energies, Dimensions, and Ascension..
The Shift...Understanding Reality.....
Our 4th Dimension Corridor
Changing Energies
  the universe around us
144 Crystalline Grid.......
the "stars" pleiades, sirus, orion
2012 and The Photon Belt.
photon belt, the golden nebula.. Baktun Cycle,Why 2012 ?
the passage of change"..
Memories: of Atlantis Rising....
tranformation of the solar system..
the birth of Venus..
Aquarian man...
Atlantis the Universe..
Knowledge of Lemuria.
Mayan Prophecies And Calendars..
cosmic maya.
The Consciousness Grid.
1st -12th Light Body Activation
  consciousness & dimensions
Our World in the 5th Dimension .
Quantum Reality....
The Consciousness Grid.
Expanding our Creative Consciousness...
The Void. Creation, Involution and Manifestation.
What is the Soul?...Who am I ?..........
me, my soul and my fragments( part I, II and III )
"the unity of being" &"miracles".
Why am I here?...
illumined web of "divine energy"...
New Energies & Portal Openings...
Reality, Consciousness, and Knowingness.....
Transition and Transformation.
understanding love
"Love" attachment and nonattachment..
loving ourselves..
The Inner Child..
Is Reality Real?
The Sound from Silence
Pillars, Rods of Power
  the universe, earth & man
life's genetic blueprint

"Lemuria" or Kumari Nadu, the Lost Continent.
realm of the maya
Ancient heritage Angkorvat
easter Island
  light is light, light is wisdom
Univesal Laws.....
Light to Solidified Light...
1st -12th Light Body Activation
The New Light Body
Light Is Light...
Light quotient
Light, Vibrant Liquid Light..
Children of Light

  divine dispensation, the rays
Awareness of Higher Chakras and Higher Dimensions
true understanding,& The Rays
the Rays, vibrations of colour & sound
Archangels and Rays
a new thought, the Rays
  understanding energies & ascension
Past Lives and Dreams
Ascension, Our way Home...
veils of Illusion.
Synchro Destiny.
we are the Ashtar..

sacred geometry
Sacred geometry.. Blueprint of Creation
Ascension and Sacred Geometry
Consciousness, Grids & Sacred Geometry
all life needs "the magnetics"
"our world on a String"
is the world made of an "atom"
  alternative healing
space clearing & fengshui
herbs that heal
tai chi, poetry in motion
Bio - Magnetics
  manuscripts & scriptures
"shrimad bhagwad".....
2nd , 3rd , 8th , 9th , 12th , 13th , 18th
Ishavasya Upanishad
the emerald tablets of thoth the atlantean
The Magnificence of "Shiva"
Marriage of Shiva Shakti
shiva linga
  ascended masters
legend of the "goddess"
Krishna within and without
mahaavtar Babaji
the prophet "zarathushtra".
"kabir" the poet..
shirdi "sai baba"
message of love, "jesus"
sri aurobindo
the "buddha"
ramana maharshi
  yoga, meditation & activation
The Cosmic force of Prana...
The Vehicle of Energy.....
Principles of Tantra..
Swarodaya: The Breath
The Science of Prana
power yoga
kaivalya "artificial intelligance", nada yoga
what are chakras?
aura's of our subtle sheaths
  Om, the sound of creation
Pranava,'Om' the Universe
"building bridges with "light and sound"

The Universal Spiritualism

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